Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer bucket list.

Alright alright I know its a little late for this technically, but if you ask me...lists are the coolest thing since N'Sync. So here we go.

1. Hit the road. Caleb and I have quite a few road-trips planned for this summer (both being weddings!), and I can't say I'm mad about it. There is something about making that brand new "road trip CD" and stopping at every gas station known to man to grab much needed snacks.

2. Finish The Walking Dead (ha! as if this will even be hard...Caleb and I are addicted), I really think I might die when we're through the Netflix seasons.

3. Find an excuse to throw a cute apartment party.

4. Go swimming more than twice. I tell ya, having a full time job isn't all its cracked up to be! I hardly EVER make it out to the pool because life is so darn busy it seems!

5. Make my honeymoon photo book!! Shutterfly has a serious sale (and someeboddyy has a gift card!) going on, so I should pay next to nothing for this if I get started now!

6. Have a bonfire and make s'mores!

7. Go to the drive-in movie theater! 

8. Go to the zoo. I looove seeing all the wild animals, and when you pack a lunch? It makes for a cheap date!

9. Learn to make some kind of origami (random, I know).

10. Take a class or buy an advanced book to learn more about my Nikon. Since I announced I'm working on an actual website, I want to be as prepared as I can be...there's always something new to learn.

11. Learn to cook. Seriously. I don't know what I'm doing in a kitchen...I kind of freeze up, but I'm not so embarrassed by this. Mostly because I've never had to cook for myself, at home my family was always known for "family meals" cooked by my grandma and in college we had an open now? I'm excited. I guess I want Caleb to come home (just once!) this summer and say "something smells good!". A couple of my bridesmaids got me two awesome cookbooks...and I plan to use 'em!! 
400 pages of tips, tricks, and yummy goodness!
12. Continue paying off debt like crazy. I plan on doing a full post on our approach to this and our progress along the way, along with some cheap date night ideas... for under $20!

That might be a small list, but trust me...its just a few of the MANY things I want to I tried making it realistic.
What do YOU plan to do this summer? Seriously, I want to hear!


  1. Oragami? Interesting.... lol.

  2. I went through an oragami phase when I was younger... some of it is surprisingly easy. And it can become addicting. You've gotta stop teasing us with all of this talk about honeymoon pictures!

  3. WALKING DEAD!!! YES! Seriously, it's the best thing ever.

  4. Can I join in on your summer fun?! I haven't made a list yet but you've inspired me to get it going and make a post out of it :) Happy Friday Eve!

  5. I think this a fantastic list! What are road trips for if not to stop for those must have snacks?! Duh. And I seriously need to get on the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones bandwagons. It's all the rage these days and I need to find out why.

  6. Yes to smores and fires for sure!!! :) I want to do as much free/cheap stuff as possible with our fabulous foursome!! ;)

  7. It's never too late for a summer bucket list! (Well maybe September, but we're not being technical here, right? Right.) I love this idea. Having a four-year-old, there are obviously tons of fun things to do throughout the summer (think: pool visits, the zoo, the aquarium, amusement parks, a trip to the beach, outdoor picnics, etc.) that I would love to do with her... the catch? I work during the week AND on the weekends. So, there's hardly ever time to accomplish anything like that! Boo. However, thanks to your inspiration, I think her and I will have to sit down and create a list of things to do this summer, even if it is a small one. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to accomplish a few (plus, she'll love making it up and being able to "check off" things as we complete them). :)

  8. Love your list! Mine is pretty similar.. I reallyyyyy want to take a class & learn how to use my Nikon better! Going to the drive-in is on my list too! Oh & the walking dead is amazinggg :)

    PS- I just realized I never responded, but YES, my computer still had all my pictures & files! Did you get yours fixed?!

  9. Road trips are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. That's kind of a fantastic summer bucket list. I really want to throw a party as well. Maybe we can plan the same one...and just host it in two different places. :-) Do you use photoshop to edit your pictures. Random question.

    I want to get to the pool as well. Next week is the week!!! The zoo does sound like a fun date!

  11. Where is road trip to see Anna on this list?

    And please have an apartment party and make that cake!

  12. Sounds like it's going to be a GREAT summer, girl! :-)

  13. Not if you go to the Bronx Zoo. Two $30 tickets later and I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

  14. I love your list.
    Love going to the zoo. Love bonfires. Love cameras (duh ;) )
    I wouldn't mind learning something in oragami & I also wanna hit up our drive-in, in ATL.
    Sounds like a fun summer!
    You'll learn to cook in no time!
    And isn't moving into a new place reason enough for a party. ;)
    I posted my summer bucket list a couple of weeks ago. ->


  15. Going to a drive in movie theater sounds like a great summer activity! I now want to do that this summer too (:

  16. We got a living social deal for a "My Publisher" book, and just got it in the mail... it's AMAZING. We're using it as our wedding guestbook, and it was only $19!!!

  17. I had zero idea how to cook when I got married. is the best blog for learning how to cook. her instructions are clear and she has lots of pictures and I've never made a reciepe from her we didn't like. Shutterfly is having a sale? They're my favorite book company! We met a wonderful couple who also loved to travel and they recommended making a book for every big trip you go on so you can remember it. You should def make one for your honeymoon then. I've been waiting for a sale to do our UK, China, and Vietnam trips, so thanks for the heads up!

  18. Can one of those road trips be to Texas?! Surely?! I love all of these ideas. In fact there is a drive in movie theatre here. Yay. Hope you are having an amazing weekend pretty lady.


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